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Rebel's Misfits Rescue cannot function without the help of our volunteers and fosters. Foster's are the backbone of our mission. Bringing a rescue animal into your home and providing love, care, and basic training can help them become the best pet they can be. 

"What do I do as a foster?"- As a foster we ask that you allow time for decompression. Some animals come from not so great situations and can be shy, nervous or scared. They need time to open up and show you their little personalities. 

"What do you provide?"- We will provide a kennel (if needed), food (some fosters like to use the food they have), other pet essentials you may need. 

"Do I need to take them to the vet?"- We may ask that you need for drop off or pick up of the animal, but a board member will always be the one to take the animal to our vet. This is to help our local veterinanian know which animals belong to us.

Another time we may ask you to drive would be for events. If your animal is ready for adoption, we would kindly ask that you drive out to the event and tell people about your little misfit. If unable to do so, we will gladly take them with us.

If you aren't able to bring in a foster, please consider volunteering at events, providing transportation, or just spreading the word of our local rescue. 


Want to bring your new family member home before they are altered? Foster to adopt is the thing for you.  When you foster to adopt to get to bring your pet and let them become part of the family before they are up to date on shots or altered. One thing we require would be that your current pets are up to date on their vaccines. If current pets are not altered, we can only allow same gender in house to prevent accidental babies. After all, our goal is to help with the overpopulation and don't want to add to it. 

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